Poke |poh-KAY| is the Hawaiian verb for 'section' or to 'slice or cut.' At JJ POKĒ, we take the classic Hawaiian and add a twist.


JJ POKĒ allows you to customize your bowl any way you want.

We serve delicious Hawaiian poke made using only the

highest-quality, sustainably sourced fish.



JJ POKĒ is a locally and family-owned Pittsburgh restaurant that has been serving fresh, fast, and delicious poke since 2019.

We are here to satisfy your stomach and enlighten your day 

JJ POKĒ also serves hot bento-style dishes. In Asia countries, bento-style dishes exist for many years, we grow up by having them. We want to share our memories and promises to you.

We ensure the most quality meat and fresh-tasting Bentos! 


Stop by some time friends.    


Bubble tea is a traditional Taiwanese drink invented in the 1980s.

The recipe is to add tapioca pearls into milk tea;

which is a mixture of black tea and creamer shake with a shaker.

Bubble tea is mostly iced, because of the hot summer weather. 

That’s why bubble tea was really popular in Asia countries, weather.

Now bubble tea has become one of the most

famous Taiwanese drinks in the world!

We let you create your own bubble tea!

Not feeling to have milk today? It's ok! We got fruity flavors too.

Do you need to satisfy your sweet tooth?

We always have a great selection of Japanese treats and sweets too!


Monday - Sunday 
11am - 8pm


We are one call away

110 Atwood St,

Pittsburgh, PA 15213

Tel: (412) 802-6199
Email: jjpoke412@gmail.com

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